Very Frustrated with Alpha

I currently host a few game servers for my friends and community players in general. One of my players recommended RUST, at first look I was like no way but was impressed with the amount of people the servers could hold so gave it a try. I had the most fun in a long time playing RUST for the first time so decided to host a server for my community. It was a great week of play at first but the game breaking mechanics soon reared their ugly head.

Being able to build into a players base is just plain wrong! Sure let them bash the door down but to destroy the architecture of a base design is lame. When you leave a machinic like this unchecked all you have left in your community after the decent players leave are Trolls.

As a aadmin it is beyond frustrating to have players in server that are unbannable because people are aloud into game with symblols and languages that the rcon tool doesn’t reconise. This is no brainer, every server owner should have a active player list with steam id, ip, and player name.

Due to the fact that I havnt been able to log into my server for 2 Days I have had some extra time on my hand to contemplate why am I seeing more and more Alpha release games instead of closed beta, open beta then a finished product. I came across a article that summed up the entire Alpha game cycle very nicely that people should take a look at.

“Early access means a game is less fun to both read about and play”

I couldn’t agree more. If your going to do it you better do it right, at the very least make sure your players can log in

I’ve also noticed the remainder of players on the older servers are trolls.

There’s an influx of people always restarting on a new server, it’s inevitable the result.

I don’t think you understand what alpha and early access means at all. It means the game isn’t completed. An alpha being frustrating at times should be common sense because it’s filled with shit that hasn’t been fixed and finished yet lol. Report it and they’ll fix it eventually.

Alphas aren’t exactly here to be perfect. The reason alphas open up in the first place is for testing. If you don’t like testing, or aiding in the development, of an “Alpha” or “Beta” game, do not buy it, do not play it, and do not spend 2 days making a server. Early Access simply means you can get it early before it goes on sale for a full amount, or you can just get it early and see what you think/post suggestions/enjoy it while it lasts.

Yes, they are frustrating at times, but this is actually a pretty friendly Alpha compared to some which have early-development bugs. I’ve been in alphas where you can’t even walk on the ground without getting glitched into a hole.
Rust is actually pretty far in regards to progress.

I don’t understand why people buy an ALPHA this isn’t even beta… I’ve seen a few games come out in beta and have a lot more bugs than this

This has a few bugs here and there yes… a little bit of fps drops in some areas but the game is very playable, I’ve played many hours and I am still enjoying it!

All this really needs is to iron out the holes in code to stop hacking, Fix the fps drops in some areas and add content which for an alpha is a very short list in my opinion

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I am also glad i no longer fall through the floors on death! :wink:

Have to agree with the last few comments. Most companies don’t release Alpha games to the public,
Instead they have a selected community to progress the game till it hits beta.
Then release it to the public in beta, or full release, No one is forcing anyone to play the game in Alpha
even though its quite good as it is. Plus you get it at a great price.
Helping Gary and all with progressing the game with ideas and bug reporting is the best thing we
can do at the moment.

yeah, op i’m starting to think this gaming scene is fooked.

the prerelease alpha testing is gonna do more negative word of mouth on the street then all the coding can make up for.


I understand that this is Alpha and frustrating at times… but it should at least be PLAYABLE. Us players cannot even connect to any servers to play the game and when and if we do we lagg due to apparent DDOS attacks…


Expectations, meet reality:

Also, don’t sign your posts, there is absolutely no need. Your name is to the immediate left of every post you will ever make on this forum.

Uh no there really shouldn’t be any expectations for testing an early work in progress beyond “maybe it’ll work maybe it won’t” lol. shit will go wrong and sometimes total lockouts will occur. Either report issues you see or just be patient and wait for the devs to finish the fixes.

You forgot to mention the glaring notice on the store page :v:

The only thing you should expect is a playable beta and a working full release Which you will get

every hour you get in the alpha is just like icing on a cake, you already have the game at a reduced price, people are so greedy these days?

Not being able to connect sometimes is the kind of thing that makes an alpha frustrating. The testing has done its job by identifying a game-breaking bug that is currently being addressed. This is what testing is all about.

If you are unable to cope with problems in the testing phase of a game that is actively being developed, wait for its official release then you can complain about problems. Alpha and beta testing phases are not there for your enjoyment they are there for getting the game ready for the showroom floor. You agreed to pay money to test the game not play it.

If you can’t play it how do you test it?

You report your problem if nobody else has already and then wait until it works again so you can play it some more…

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Stop being so dramatic. It’s not like nobody has ever been able to play rust.

You took the words right outa my mouth, well said.

I think the only thing they should do is to not have players that were on when the server crashed go into sleep, Because i want to go to bed and i had some good gear on while savaging for resources and killing zombies but now if i sleep and someone finds me laying on the floor well… they win lol

I logged something like 85 hours of gameplay before this DDOS shit started. Unplayble? Righto.

Looks like someone doesn’t get what early access in alpha means…