Very important information about hacking that everyone, including Garry should know!

Very important information about hacking that everyone, including Garry should know:

I was hacking and got VAC BAN. But I did a profound research on the thing, bought all the hacks avaiable, test and re-test all of them, including the free ones like Oxidizer, Dizzy and Jacked.

The begining: I had a server and for time it was good but then the hacker came, and they started doing a lot of crap stuff, stealing and bringing total chaos to my server. Me as a admin got mad trying to control them, but as you guys should know the tools we have as a admin in Rust are weak. If you as a admin see a guy flying over your head, you can’t see his name, you can’t do anything except if the hack kills you and you find out his name. Smart hackers won’t do that. As a hacker you have ESP - you can see every player, admin (invisible included), boxes, ores, woodpiles, etc 500 miles away! So if a hacker is using ESP, you as a admin can’t come close to him invisible to check him, he will know you are there. The point: this is a Garry’s Rust developers failure, doors are too wide open for hackers.

Ok enought about begining, about the hacks: Unknowcheats are for free cheats and if you want to get a fast VAC BAN go for it, Ilikecheats are crap, really, it’s a crap work, can’t believe they charge for that. But the real one, the big problem is ArtificialAiming. This guys are dangerous, they are really fast developing the hacks, updating then after steam or Rust updates the client. It’s impressive they can update their client very fast in some hours after the update, and no, you wont get cheatpunch and hadly will get a VAC BAN, and that’s the problem, this guys are ruining the game cause Facepunch or VAC BAN wont get them and lots of people are joining them.

I’m here to help Garry I have all the info, all the software, including Helios AA client, that I can upload to you for testing or anything you need.

Add me on skype for info I’ll help the way I can: quantec4444

This is a huge issue IMO. Admins should have a tool that shows all of this information, especially if you want them to be able to admin a server to the best of their ability.

This screams of BS post that is just a thinly veiled attempt to advertise this stupid cheat here.

No I’m not adversting anything. I’m against AA and other cheats. I didnt post their website or anything I post my skype only!

The OP does have a point per se… Try this, disconnect your internet cable in the middle of a server. Pull out your gun and start shooting, empty clips, reload, etc. You can see your ammo depleting and acting normally. Why should the client be deciding these things over the server? The server should have and maintain logs of all items and only share with the clients what they need versus the current system where in the client informs the server. Just my opinion.

pls take off the AA name from this post OP.

You need to realize how newb people are and that you are basically advertising there hacks for them.

I’m 100% sure Garry and his team are aware of those hacks. please remove.

Well advertised, OP. Thanks for educating the noobs on how to cheat undetected.

Can someone lock/delete this thread already please?

Thank you.

You should read the section rules :

~Bad ideas for threads that will get you banned for at least 3 days~

  • warning us about scam or hacks sites. don’t give them attention by sharing it here.

Also, if you wanted to warn about the lack of tools an admin’s got, cheating isn’t needed. And I’m pretty sure FP knows about those. I’m not really sure that was needed. More harm then good will come from this.

It is a gray area what OP is saying, let them cheat and if it brings something to light sooner rather than later then it helped. Alpha and beta will be wiped most likely so no real losses except people leaving until something is done.

providing cheats to facepunch studios forum games on face punch is a permabannable offense

so no it isn’t a gray area

Everyone can QQ all they want, and facepunch can ban him… But that doesn’t stop the fact he has a good point. And hacking is the number 1 issue with this game right now.

so you mean making a solid game engine isn’t the most important thing??

they should drop everything, and try to stop every single hack in the world???

I think the most simple way to make admins more efficient in catching out hackers would be to make usernames visible at a further distance away, which would help to catch the flying ones or not have to try and catch up with a speed hacker

You think facepunch can’t afford the 20 bucks or so it cost for those bots? that they would need to contact you to get the program?

That would not be possible, even for a hack. And I never have heard of a hack which would cache things for the game.
The game basicly renders the Objects around you, 300meters tops 400meters. Thats what you and your hack ca see, also this

So they should close the Alpha access, make it a closed alpha. Since players are the issue.

I couldnt care less about hackers in the alpha. Sure, its upsetting if you get a headshot from 400m with a bolt action, while you are jumping down a hill, with ninjas riding bears behind you. But its the game, and you lost it.

They’ve sold over a million copies… x$20.00 = 20mil

take 30% for valves cut (no clue how much)

still is 14million…

…I’m pretty sure they can handle a couple of guys to work on the haxorz while the current team is working on the game…

CN.Kane, if you are moving all the time yeah stuff will be on ESP around 400 meters but if you stop a let the stuff work you can get stuff from far like 500 meters. Airdrops for example you can see then in radar at 700 meters!

This is assuming Facepunch actually reinvests any of the profits into the game. From the looks of these weak weak ass patches, that does not appear to be the case.

This is on purpose

the devs have everything client side so that they can more easily bug test (you can’t get nearly as much info if it’s all server side) and much more easily deal with all of the info.

This will be changed eventually. But for now, everything is client-side because its easier to deal with.

You were just complaining about how the game was being made?

but you want them to work on something that is a nonissue at the moment? Seriously what? Actually making the game is 100% more important right now

and yes, they are working on it. With EasyAnticheat, Cheatpunch and Vac.

As of now, like I said, when everything is serverside, less issues.

Hey, OP. Listen to me. 100% serious post here.

If you are serious about wanting to give these cheats to garry, email them to with [cheat] in the subject. Actually attach them to the email or otherwise provide garry with the means to download them (like, a dropbox link).

And that’s all that needs to happen.