VERY Important Question Regarding US #1 and #2...

Will they be returning or are they now being replaced with new servers including the new #3? I ask, because my guys established ourselves on #2 with a TON of resources and an established base. If we need to start fresh on another server, I need to know now to plan.


They will be returning, servers keep crashing and are really buggy so i’d say garry and the devs are working on it as we speak, just be patient and try playing on a different server for now :).

Sidenote - I would say they probably won’t be running efficiently for the next few days, even if they do come back they might still be very buggy and keep crashing. If you are very productive you can get alot done in a few days on rust.

They said on twitter us 1 and 2 were getting ddos attacks.

Right. I’m hoping for an official response that will tell us if they intend to bring them back, or cut their losses on it and establish new ones.

Wow, easy :smiley:
They never did a “official” statement, so i don’t they will do it now.
I whish they would though.


They did make an announcement concerning the status of the other two servers. So, I would think they’d be able to announce something about whether they’ll be back or not.

Thing with DDOS is, you can’t just expect it to go away. There needs to be security measures in place to combat it. So hopefully they have a plan.

I find it odd that the only PVE servers are getting DDOS attacked…why would anyone target those specifically?

DDOSers are assholes, in case you didn’t get the memo, and practically nothing is too childish or petty for them.

Good point, Oh well back to terraria looks like I wont be getting my rust fix anytime soon! :wink:

Not really lol, almost all the servers are being ddosed.

That might be the case now, but initially seemed only the PVE servers were effected.

Only the US ones are, so no, not almost all of them.

Seeing that the servers are back up… I imagine my question is void.

Nah they’re still down for me. Hope my stuff doesn’t decay away lol

a lot of building where all decayed earlier happy i was on to get mine active again

i sure as hell hope nothing decays. i think in an update post it was told that the decay timer ignored server offline time, don’t know why they’d do that.

but surely they got that covered. a little info would be nice, servers have been down for ever

edit: oh damn, how long does it take for walls to decay after the 24 hour period?

they came up for a like a hr earlier and i was able to loot A LOT of stuff from other massive buildings. buildings where all jacked.

We need more communication, no news for 2 days now.

“Tons of resources”

What you will do when they wipe the server?