Very Little To Do = Giant Blackmage


Very little to do on a server one day so I decided to make a black mage. It’s probably been done before, I did a megaman one too but that got lost in the server crash death explosion that happened. The Black Mage is made from 2x2x2 phx3 blocks. Lots there of.

Ow well.

Oh and a giant freaky rock face from a base I made.

looks cool adam, love your tuts and videos, keep it up.

Epic for how darn clean it is.

It’s good but I don’t think its worth posting on this forum…

why not? it looks good, it’s creative. Just because it’s not HOLY SHIT E2 WIREZ ACF AND HEAT SEEKING MISSILEZ doesn’t mean he can’t post it.

But thou shalt not post shit.

The dark mage looks really good.

lol like the giant face with cigarette

Instead of having it all 2x2x2 blocks, Replace some of them with 4x4x2 or 4x2x2 or something to make it lag less. In some areas, like the blue one, this could easily be done.

Lag wasn’t an issue. Now snapshot overflow, THAT was an issue.

Hey, rather than make a new post, thought I’d bump my old one.

Made a sonic. Seemed to turn out good.

 	 	 	 			[View YouTUBE video]( 			

lol, looks quite cool


read thread

Made this about 8 months back (GF’s a poke-nerd and she loves munchlax so there you go :p)

Looks bad with all the little gaps. Adjust your Stacker’s offset, or use the Advanced Stacker tool with “Exact boundaries” checked.

Yeah in retrospect I should have done that but it was late and I don’t really care :stuck_out_tongue: