Very Mad Milk

Haha oh wow, friggin awsome

Wahahaha that is win. Win I tells ya!

Hate to break it to ya’.

But sniper gave him those “milks”.

Reminds me of those old cartoons.

Thanks for the new spray

Fucking awesome, the Marvelous Moustachio’d Milkmen now love you.

Haha your poses are brilliant if not terrifying and weird.


First thing that popped into my mind.


The only screenshot about a scout that I actually like.

His milk contains what the world needs.

What the world deserves.

hell yea man keep it up dude good work

Got milk?

:wtc: Freaking excellent! I will have nightmares featuring that face from now on.


I actually found this image just as I was about to take a big swig of milk. Made me think twice there for a second.

The man really loves his milk…

PLEASE tell me where I can get a Mad Milk bottle in gmod?

Is it in the TF2 folder somewhere, because no one posted

Reminded me of the hair tonic episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Answered yer’ own question there bub.


Its under C_weapons, with most of the others (sydney sleeper and jarate are just in the c weapons folder instead of there own UNDER the c_weapons area)