Very New Gmodder

Hey, I am a very new gmodder so I’m a little bit slow and the stuff I can do in game is well… limited to say the least.

I would just like to ask if anyone could tell me how to do some things and what add ons to choose.

Basically the list of things i would like to do is (i have spent a few hours researching this is my last resort not my first):

get rid of the death notices like bob (image of gun) bill as this ruins my videos
get rid of the red screen when u kill yourself so u just die and no redness
be able to walk on set and not be seen by the camera
be able to make the people talk with the correct mouth movements

and one thing i dont get is how the likes of dasboshit make their ragdolls walk and move I just dont get it

Basically, with the source games, you can access a developer console. To activate this, go to Options>Keyboard>Advanced, and then check 'enable console.
When you press the ` or ~ key, it opens the console, which you can type commands into it, which can affect the game.
For example there is cl_drawhud, which can remove the death notices, as well as health and ammo.

Some of the important addons are things like PHX and Wire, which is pretty much compulsory if you are to go on a sandbox server.
You can install these quickly and easily by getting Tortoise SVN (don’t have the link atm) Where is automatically installs the said addons to the appropriate garrysmod folder.

I understand how to use the command console and all that
and cl_drawhud 0 only gets rid of the HUD not the death noises and screen and notices… which is annoying

I also have PHX3 and wire but I don’t understand how Wire works, and PHX seems pretty pointless to me… all the construction tools wont allow me to build proper stuff like houses or rooms for videos…

There are about a million and a half wire tutorials on the internet so search around the wire website and google for them. As much as some people complain it is pretty powerful and not that hard to learn.

As far as phx goes, it’s nice because it give you a lot of systematically sized primitives which you can then easily align and put together to make whatever you want. It’s for people who are tired of building houses and vehicles, etc with dumpsters and wooden crates.

PHX, can build almost anything if you have material packs.

but i don’t get how in phx u can make anything look good because when you colour it in there are still lines and it looks shoddy

“Very New Gmodder”
Stopped reading.

wow your hilarious… not