Very noobie

Well, i need some help. I have created a Buy menu in a gamemode i’ve made for fretta, and i am having troubles with creating a money/points system used for it.

Basicly what i want to do is keep track of someones Points/Money so every time they join it is the same as the last time they joined, the money will be gained $10 per kill and displayed in their hud ( I already have the display) i just can’t for my life figure out how to keep track of this and most likely i will have problems subtracting it when they purchase an item…

Er i guess i also need to know how to keep their weapons…Sorry for being such a noob xD I’ve only really worked with pure client script until this


I hardly know how to use it, and is it possible to check weapons with this then use it to ply:give weapon when they join?

Also, The Derma for the Weapon/Ammo purchase is Client…so If someone would be nice enough to explain how i can make it take away $** everytime they purchase an item from the menu then I’d be thankful


Ok! I figured this shit out…its just i still dont know how to call it in the client…as in If player has less then 0 money return nil else - 10 money and ply:give weapon_penis kinda thing…