Very ODD Garry's Mod Crash

First off, Here’s my specs.

Custom Dell Latitude D620 Laptop
Windows Vista Business ver. 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1
Intel Core2 T7600 2.33GHz 2333Mhz
2046MB RAM
Nvidia NVS Quadro 110M

Now let me explain everything about my Garry’s Mod crashes.

When I first got the laptop, It was down graded to Windows XP. Garry’s Mod was playable but it was very laggy for some reason(which it had no reason to). My guess was because GMOD11 just came out at the time it as you all know, it was pretty glitchy. My LCD plug went out twice and my motherboard friend once. Those issues have been resolved. Then came a time when my laptop couldn’t run any games at all due to serious lag. It will run fine at first then I would hit very bad lag spikes out of no where and they would continually get worse until the game was unplayable. Since all my files were backed on my external HD, I completely reformatted my computer and reinstalled windows back to Vista Business. All the updates were installed and games played fantastic, Better then before and I could play with much higher graphic settings without a problem. Project Torque, Battlefield 2, Combat Arms, Americas Army 2, and Sims 2 were the games I’ve played without ANY problem. They still all work flawless. BUT, Garry’s Mod 11 is the only game that continues to still not work. I’ve done the typical steps to fix my issues like reinstalling steam and the games(and deleted the files manually from program files), turning off voice chat in game, and other various steps in the system. First it was a “HL2.exe has stopped working” issue which was easily fixed. I got to play the game 3 hours that night with no problem. I went to play the next night and now the game freezes completely when I start building, particularly the duplicator and weld tools. So I can run around in the game and not crash but as soon as I start building for a few minutes the whole laptop freezes completely. No sound, no movement, no way to close but to manually shut down the computer. I’ve tried so much to fix my issue but I can’t figure out what the issue is. I’ve even updated my harddware. Last night I updated my BIOS and tried again. You guessed it, Once I started building I crashed but this time there were 2 large yellow boxes on my screen. Here’s a picture I took with my camera.

I’m a computer tech and server administrator for a large franchise company. I’ve tried what I could to fix my issue but still unable to resolve it. I only want replies from someone who knows what they’re doing and possibly know the fix. Like for example “I think you have bad RAM”. I’ve been told that but if my RAM was bad, my other games wouldn’t work and when I crash, I would get a blue screen…not freeze all together. FYI, The freeze is not due to overheating. As I watch the temperature as I play. It sits off the desk with 2 cooling fans underneath and it runs at 46C on average. The laptop is clean internally as I take it apart to blow all the dust out after time.

So if anyone knows what they’re doing and knows the fix for this…I would so appreciate your help. Also if you guys have anymore questions, I’ll be glad to answer them. These crashes have frustrated me for about a year and a half now. The laptop can’t run it but my slow PC from 2004 can!

Umm… i had crashes too, the game would crash, and the screen would shut down, after a long time 30-80 minutes the screen starts to work again, but like in safe mod, PIXEL-ish and sayd something about a video card erro, it was on my PC, but if you can, lend someones video card and try if this will fix the problem, it did to my PC, if it works so… get a new graphics card.
Also the crashes happened usually on firstpersonshooter games not only gmod


This falls under what I said…

“I’m a computer tech and server administrator for a large franchise company. I’ve tried what I could to fix my issue but still unable to resolve it. I only want replies from someone >who knows what they’re doing< and possibly know the fix. Like for example “I think you have bad RAM”. I’ve been told that but if my RAM was bad, my other games wouldn’t work and when I crash, I would get a blue screen…not freeze all together.”


That’s a common step, which was one of the first things I’ve done. But, this is not a graphic related issue. If it was then I would crash anytime during the game. My crash only comes when I use the building tools. So something is disgreeing with my laptop in that area. There much be a code in the console that I could set as my launch options to fix this. I just have to figure out what. Hopefully somebody knows.


Answers are in the origional post…Did you read it?

Only answers that arn’t in there are the other games on steam. I have DoF Source and HL2 and both worked the last time I played them. Which was a while ago.

Well I’m sorry I don’t have time to read a wall of text. Forget it.

Forgiven, Take care.

Quadro cards is made for renders. Not gaming. HOWEVER, they can run low-end games like some of those you listed that you played “Prefectly”. But it will still have trouble.

And I really doubt you got BF2 working on the fullest settings.

The only launch setting, that you could try…Would be -dxlvl 81

It should still run Garry’s Mod. I have the stock 64mb integrated graphics card in my PC and it still runs Garry’s Mod fine(it ran GMOD10 alot better)! The Q menu has some glitches and the shading is a hue of purple but alteast the game is still playable!

I’m almost convinced that I can do something in the console to make this work. I still haven’t found the solution. Garry’s Mod does play lag free and smooth until it freezes. I just don’t get it. Everything would be running great then everything will freeze up and I’ll have to shut it down. So frustrating. I wish I had an error code…

Well…Can you at least try -dxlvl 81 in the launch options? If you don’t know how to, Right Click Garry’s Mod, Click properties, And go into “Set Launch settings” Put it in there and hope it works. I use it for my 9000 raedon, Which i’m having to use since my 9800 fried after using it for 3 years. Works perfect! Get around 70 in GMOD10 and 50-70 in TF2

isn’t it -dxlevel81? I remember trying it before. I believe I crashed but it was different. I don’t quite remember actually. I’ll have to try it again tonight and see what happens. I’ll keep you guys posted. Thanks


Well I just played by myself in multiplayer and I crashed. But, My laptop didn’t freeze. It was a “HL2.exe has stopped working” and shut the game down. Hmm, Interesting. I was in the game for just about a half hour when it happend. I was building quite a bit and it didn’t crash as soon as it usually does.

Now, When I usually put the -dxlevel 81 in the game, it makes me pretty laggy. This time I wasn’t at all. Lets make sure I did this right in launch options first. I already had a code in there to fix my microphone so if I’m talking on skype while in game, My microphone doesn’t mess up. Now in my launch options it says “+voice_forcemicrecord 0 -dxlevel 81” I did it ok right?

I’ve tried a couple other things that I haven’t done like disabling UAC and the game still crashes. This is mind boggling! The game runs so well on here but as soon as I start building I crash. There has to be a fix! Would very well appreciate some help.

Delete the everything including in : “garrysmod/garrysmod/” and uninstall the game from steam …
Try changing your resolution

This isn’t odd, it seems like your graphics card is artifacting

Minihunter, That’s already been done…like said. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve either uninstalled the game completely, deleted the game folder, or reinstall steam itself. Resolution is the first thing someone would try to fix an issue. I’m a computer tech, I’ve tried the obvious. I’m hoping there’s someone who’s either had this issue before or know a console code to make this not happen.

Now, The resolution would NOT make this crash. The game plays FANTASTIC until I start building. A few minutes into building it’ll crash. But if I just run around and not do anything, I’m fine. This is what gets me.

What REALLY gets me is that I played the game for 3 hours last week and never crashed and I did alot of building. Then the crash started again the next night. There is nothing wrong with my hardware either as any other game plays perfectly fine with a smooth framerate. It is only garry’s mod that crashes and it’s only when I build. Something is obvious conflicting with me.

Nubcakes, That’s the only time that has happend. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with my graphics card at all…as you may of read that every other games plays AWESOME with no problems at all. This is not a hardware issue!

Are you crashing with PHX only, or every object?

Every object…

I noticed that my laptop has been refusing to install SP2 for vista. So today I had to manually download it through F2P and install it that way. So I thought maybe that was the problem…Which it wasn’t. Now I’m back to freezing again! And of course, It’s during building. AH!!

Every object, huh? Do the yellow boxes appear the moment you do something certain, or just haphazardly whenever you’re building?

Or… Maybe it’s a hardware problem elsewhere. Possibly a problem with Steam? Or maybe your card seems to disagree with certain physics aspects of Garry’s Mod. I’m really straining to think of possibilities.

Maybe the problem lies with your installation of the Source engine, since you don’t seem to have or play any other Source games with the same problem.

Try updating your drivers.