very odd graphics problem

i have been doing some research for the past few days on why my garrys mod has been doing this.

i used to play garrysmod about a year ago and it worked just fine. i have counterstrike source installed because i bought the CSS + GMOD bundle pack. all of my steam games used to work, but now games like half life 2, counter strike and gmod all have this same issue. i updated my drivers and updated direct x, i even updated wiremod and still no luck. can anyone help me out?

From the look of it, your graphics card is corrupted. plus Wiremod can’t fix anything, as it is a addon, not a part of the source engine’s code. you will need to upgrade to a better card. as some people say, as technology advances, programs will advance with them. so far there has been 1 major graphics problem within one year of writing this. this rendered the pixel shading differently then before, but i doubt it has anything to do with that monstrosity of a screenshot. (No Offense) -snipped so you all shut up-

Though, it could be a corrupt driver. roll-back to the last driver you installed to ensure this isn’t a Firmware-Hardware conflict.
I Hope this helps you.

First, you should of included your system specs in the first post

Second, you should try adding -dxlevel 81 to your start up options

Third, Check if your graphics drivers are up to date

I don’t think all of this was really needed…

Helpme1212 is a fucktard and doesn’t know shit. A good, mid performance DirectX 11 graphics card like the nvidia GTX 460 is 160 USD and will play all source games maxed, plus get great performance in demanding games like Crysis 2 on all high settings with 4x AA and AF. It’s what I have and it works fabulously.

WHAT THE CHRIST! For 500 USD I can get a nvidia 580 gtx which will play any game maxed, not some “mid-end” card.

You sir, are full of shit.


Looks like corrupt video memory to me. Make sure it’s not overheating, make sure it’s not full of dust. If all else fails buy a new card.

tnxs for all of the other ideas guys. im attempting to clean out alot of the dust from behind my tower. ill also try the dxlevel 81 idea when im finished

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b](, should have posted before, but there’s my system specs

It looks like you need a new GFX card. I am looking for one, as mine is laggy. I found a rather nice GFX card that you may like.

The HD 5850, its not very expensive either. It also got some nice reviews on Amazon. Sadly my father is a cheapskate so he wont let me buy it, even though he has the money.

So basically you’re saying the GTX 590 is an economy class card?
Oh, and you have to spend $600-$800 to multitask? You are a complete idiot.

The GTX 590 is one of the most advanced cards in the world and it still doesn’t cost $1000.

Will you all shut. the. fuck. up!? yeesh. so i was being a dumbass. so what? here, let me snip my last post so i can shut you up about this.

Update everything or reinstal windows before you waste money on graphic cards.

Well if you want some advice it does just look like a corrupt driver if your graphics card wasn’t working it would reset to the integrated chip, unless of course you only have an integrated chip.

I’m going to guess you have vista/7 so type device manager into the search bar on your start menu go to display adapters and uninstall the driver also tick the box that says delete driver software (don’t worry the computer will be fine)

find out which kind of graphics card it is, if its Nvidia then the site will find the driver for you, if not you will have to manually type in the name of the graphics card you have and download and install the driver. done :smile:, hope this fixes it

Learn something about computers before posting bullshit on a forum.

Here, let me fix this…

Integrated chipsets - FREE unless your MB doesn’t have one…
PCI-E 2.1 cards - Anywhere from $20 to $70. Good example.
A bit more expensive. Goes up to around $150-$170. Here’s another.
Nowhere near as expensive as one guy’d like to think. Of course when you know about computers, you’d know how much these cost. Something in that range is usually $250 and up.

EDIT: Actually, watch the eyefinity video on the last link I put. Imagine GMod in that high of a resolution, on highest settings. That card could do that. Heck, even some of the mid-end ones can.

i’m going with the -dxlevel 81 solution, because i had identical graphics problems without it.

The effect is called Fractaling. GPU is overheating/dying. Id check that.