Very odd hack going on, in my server right now - Steam ID 76561198194926738

Hey everyone, I’m clueless on what to do about this dipshit…

He also has this account

His name shows up like this in game:       so I can’t boot him by name via console

He’s been banned today 7 times from my server and he keeps coming back. He told me over voice it doesn’t matter how many times I ban him because he has unlimited rust accounts and he’ll just keep coming back. So far it’s proven to be true. He’s speed hacking and is running ESP and while the server isn’t overly bothered by him I’d really like to get him the hell off because it’s just a pain.

Any help will be appreciated, I’m trying to get some video of it now.


I’m confused, how might we be able to help?

not being inflammatory or cynical just confused

I honestly don’t know. Was wondering if maybe someone else saw this before, and found a way to fix it. I’ve contacted my host to see if they can do something about his IP but aside from that I don’t know what to do.

I have white listed my server and have not had an undesirable yet

I may have to do that, but for a 100 slot server that is always full…it’s gonna suck lol

Definitely, but I wanted a small private server for me and my son - so far so good. In any case, best of luck

Thanks jump, appreciate it. I depending on how this goes, I may whitelist and drop back to a 50 slot for a while

As far as I’ve been able to find, the build-in ban command does not support banning by IP.

However, if you’re running Oxide, this augmented ban plugin does, and it was updated today, so it’s likely current and maintained. I have not personally tested it, however.

Changing IP is kind of trivial as well, but if gives him two things to have to change if you gather his Steam ID and IP address and then ban both every time he comes back.

Download RustAdmin it can ban with ip and you dont need to be running Oxide to use this tool, its off rcon

I’m not sure but this dude is running serious hacks. As soon as he connects, global chat stops working, any external admin tools stop working, and all my player lists and ban lists on my admin console on my hosts website start throwing errors. This is nuts.

I was able to get his IP tho so thank you for that!

hopefully an IP ban helps but, sad how easy those are to counter

Posted a request thread, it’s due to family share =/

Contact your GSP and see if they’ll do an IP ban. It’s trivial to drop all traffic from one IP to your server. Depending on their policies & network configuration, they may be unwilling to do this (especially if it would drop that IP to EVERYONE on your node).

This just shows how incompetent the Rust devs are…

AAA antihack protection is not a priority during alpha or even beta testing

If this type of issue continues to be a problem after full release of the game, then I’ll be the first person to agree with you.

If he’s running a VPN then he could have “infinite Rust accounts” under the assumption that he can keep generating new IP addresses on an IP ban. I would highly recommend just whitelisting the server and setting up a proper application process. If you have his SteamID, requiring a SteamID in the application will ensure only allowing those IDs on the server. If there’s any problems there, you can just ban the SteamID and then it doesn’t matter how many IP addresses he can generate, it’s more a matter of how many Steam accounts he has (and how many copies of Rust he has).

I have seen that guy on my server too, but I didn’t see him hacking as I wasn’t on my server, just over RCON.
I just thought its one of those guys who feel nice with a name which doesn’t show up in the game, there are people who do. I knew that many hackers use these methods too, but I didn’t think about that at that moment, because the players always tell me if hackers are on the server. This time they didn’t.

------ EDIT --------
I’ve found him ont he server again today, but I wasn’t right. Its a nother guy for me:

As I said! I didn’t see him hacking!

Family Share is currently being used as a way of bypassing Steam ID bans, because you can make free Steam accounts and effectively clone your Rust purchase across shared accounts. However,