Very Quick Hack Request

Hey mates.

I’m going to be quick and direct with this.

Could someone please place Witcher 2’s Geralt of Rivia’s head on a suit please?
Link to the model:
Link to suit pack:

Thanks in advance.



That´s easy to do but i´m not intersted on doing that right now.
You can wait for someone do that for you OR you can do that by yourself, is just merge the mesh from one model to the other model, easy.

Trust me, if it were easy I would’ve done it by now. There’s a difference between something being easy and knowing how to do it fluently.
Again, anyone?

I’ll have a look when I get off work

Really? That would be fantastic mate!

I thought I’d have a go at it but I managed to break literally everything, including bone rotations, eye textures, and fingerposing. I did get faceposing and eye posing working however. Just letting you know that I’m working on it, but i’ll probably take a while and someone else with undoubtedly beat me to it (tbh i could use the practice anyway)

I’m assuming you want all the bodygroups and skins that come with the suits too?

While the bodygroups would be pretty cool, the only suit I wanted from the pack was the closed suit, which I should’ve clarified in the OP. Thankyou for having a go at it dude, I appreaciate it!

So I’ve looked into it, and after consideration, the Geralt head is probably a bit to complex for an on the spot hack, so I had an idea for something simpler. If someone could stick the ARMA 3 heads on suits, that would be fantastic.

Head Resource:

Credit to Ninja Nub for porting head resources.

Welp, that’s a lot easier, probably done later today then.

Really? That’s great mate! Thanks a bunch!

itd be hella lot easier if youd add me on steam :v