Very Quick Source MDL Decompile Assistence Needed


To keep it simple, I have a model (Specifically a Toyota Ae86) I’m using in Source Filmmaker that doesn’t have working AO. It’s contrasting very heavily with my scene, and it doesn’t cast shadows.

I tried a .vmt solution but nothing worked, so I tried the next logical step and attempted to decompile the model and add “$ambientboost $mostlyopaque” to the QC file. I’ve actually done this before really successfully and never run into a problem with it until now.

Every attempt to recompile the model ends up with this error: “EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION’ (assert: 1)”

Reading around, it has something to do with the model having too many verts or tris, but I’m at a loss because I have absolutely crap modeling experience and I’ve already racked my brain enough on this as is. I don’t know how to fix that and don’t understand why it wouldn’t recompile the same way it came out, like they normally do. I’d much rather get back to polishing this animation.

tl;dr All I want to do is give this model working AO and I’m too stupid and lazy to re-learn blender. Will anybody be willing to take a real quick shot at this for me and send it back? Cheers.

Ok, basically, if you’re using crowbar, you’re fucked, there are some things that crowbar can decompile, but won’t be able to recompile back, from my experience the whole “EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION” thing wasn’t really an issue, IIRC I just had to try to recompile multiple times until it randomly worked, but I wouldn’t count on that, for an object to not cast shadow it’s really strange, if you’re really desperate and crazy enough you could try to… erm… put an invisible guy in the same positions as the original model so it casts the shadows itself?

Jesus this is the worst answer I’ve ever given, wouldn’t surprise me it that didn’t help AT ALL.

Well, I’ve recompiled the model over 16 times now and I don’t think doing it another 20 will have any difference.

And, yeah the putting the invisible guy or object behind them works good for people, but this is a car model, and nothing really fits its dimensions…