Very short teaser of Point of no Return

I’m working on a realistic style movie, so i decided to make a small teaser, so you FP know about what i’m currently making. :3
Just for your information, i’ve got currently around 1minute of ingame under the hand, wich are ready to be included in the movie.

Did i forget to say “C&C” ? :frowning:
I know you can’t see much, but come on, at least say if that’s a good teasing i made… <3

Not alot to say, I mean, most of it was just text. I’ll just wait to see how the entire thing turns out.

yeah, like he said, theres not much to comment on. sorry

oh one thing! the guy reloading, shouldnt be done my munipilating the ragdoll, should be an animation, just use the npc scene tool on garrysmod, and look for some tutorials on how to use the source sdk faseposer tool. it improves the vid so much more.

Actually, this model doesn’t have any animation.

Can’t wait

I thought the hospital was mercy hospital, in left4dead it’s called no mercy in the “movie” title.

Fix the spelling errors.