Very simple lazer weapon model

Basically I need a very simple lazer cannon model imported into gmod.
I drew a 'lil sketch:

For size reference:

Don’t release it publicly. PM me a download link.
You’ll be credited in this gamemode:

What’s that thing in the back? That black tube thing.

The little box behind the metal cover? That’d be a wooden container where all the charged eons are stored. :v:
Sounds a bit dumb, but just roll with it.

No, this:

That’s just a tube that kind of clips through the vehicle side.

Like a power cord or something?

I can model this for you if you want. I might have a go at texturing it too.


Progress so far:

Isn’t an eon a measurement of time?


I never bothered to keep the lights I set up.

Why set up lights for something that is not finished and it so basic?

He asked for a basic model, he got a basic model. And I wanted to make sure you didn’t have to see rubbish shadows. It took me 3 seconds to set up the lights :v:

I know, typo. Meant electron.


Lookin’ good.