VERY simple money system

I am making a very simple DM-like gamemode, and i want a way to earn and keep money. i have used the simple money system on the GMOD wiki, but it seems as if its not working. can you help with this?

This is what i need
Small HUD element in the left-middle of the screen saying
“money:(moneyammount}” which displays current money ammount
A function that says that if you killed someone, you get 20$(adds to your moneyammount)
a Chat function that says that /givemoney (ammount) (player) actually gives money to people
A f4 menu with an option to buy a RPG with two rounds(i can edit this, make it as SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE)

A way to save the players money so it will be the same as it was LAST time they joined
and one more thing, a way to make it so that if you buy a weapon, you always spawn with it from there on.

So, what have you done so far?

absolutely nothing. im thinking of sapping it from DarkRP

Well good luck with it then. You must feel special.

PS: This is not the Request Section in case you haven’t noticed yet.

So much wrong with that. In Newbies Questions, where we happen to be, you ask questions about scripts; you dont ask people to make them for you, that goes in the Request Section, as _nonSENSE pointed out.

If you cannot use simple databases and create a very simple derma menu maybe you shouldn’t be making gamemodes but learning lua instead…

You can find many examples and tutorials on the Gmod wiki here:

On the left under lua, it is extremely useful and will probably be the most influence in you learning Lua.

for the F4 menu you can do this…

Client Side
[lua]function Derma()
local dermamenu = vgui.Create( “DFrame” )
//characteristics of menu
usermessage.Hook( “BoundF4Example”, Derma )[/lua]

Server Sided
[lua]function GM:ShowSpare( ply )
SendUserMessage(“BoundF4Example”, ply)