Very slow launch times.

I just built a custom computer a few months ago, and i get very slow launch times (1-5 minutes)
cpu: core i7
gpu: gtx 275
ram: 4gb ddr3
motherboard: gigabyte p55m ud2
hdd: barracuda 1tb 7200rpm
os: windows 7 professional 64bit

all drivers i got are installed, i checked my addons folder and deleted stuff i don’t need, whats the problem?

just timed the first gmod session after reboot, 45 secs on a core i7 + 4gb of ram; i also tested on my old shitty computer from 2001 (2gb ram, p4 3.0ghz, 7300GT) and it scored 30 seconds. from what i can remember, before this problem, it would only take gmod about 2-10 seconds to start up. what the hell is wrong? i cant stand the fact that my new $1,000 computer is being slower than an old shitty 2001 computer thats worth about $200.

ive tried defragging my hard drive and adding -novid and -high to the command line, nothing

I think it’s due to an update of Gmod, not sure though. Same thing happens to me, only longer waiting time :stuck_out_tongue:

i thought that too, is there anyway to fix it? its very frustrating

Not that I know of.



bump… again

Same problem, I also made a thread about it.

It’s Gmod. 45 seconds is fairly low. Without any addons it loads almost instantly, but with addons it takes a little while. I’m not sure why you’re confused about this?

Unless you mean the preparing to launch bit from steam. That’d probably be valve’s fault.

Preparing to launch, not the actual game itself. Ever since the new update it stays on ‘Preparing to launch’ for like 5 min. it’s annoying as fuck. I tried re instillation like over 10 times without any addons and it’s the same shit.