Very Stable Custom Semi-Serious RP Server - NEVER CRASHES, NEVER LAGS.


Nocturnal Gaming Semi-Serious RP Server has gotten a brand new dedicated server just for the RP only!
This 50 slot server almost NEVER CRASHES, and almost NEVER LAGS!

This RP server is now on a dedi all to itself, server specs are:
Quad Core 2.4Ghz
Bandwidth: 3TB on 100 Mbps

All for 1 RP server.

The community is rapidly growing, so we also are looking for some new staff! (That doesn’t mean you get promoted easily.)

We are very strict with our admins, if they abuse just post a Report Abuse thread on our forums and we will deal with the situation.

We also have plenty of custom addons, we have an Inventory system, custom entities, jobs and more!

So what are you waiting for, hop on in and see for yourself?


Nobody can make a promise like that. Source Engine wasn’t exactly made for garry’s mod. It has its own limitations and most servers see the same problem when it comes to DarkRP and lag. Usually sometype of networking lag… I think you should rethink the thread title. Might come play when sometime soon.

“almost NEVER CRASHES, and almost NEVER LAGS!”
That’s why I have those almost’s in my post.
Source can take a crap every once in awhile.

But the server has been up for a day straight now without lagging or crashing once.
Average players during these days was like 15-25.


Did it ever fill up with 50 clients? Trust me it WILL lag.

It may lag you client side.
Server side won’t have much lag depending on how many props there are.

Good Guy, but it’s DarkRP

I smell a challenge.

Lol this is a horrible server/community I played there server a while back and minged it everyday and the admins didn’t do shit and everyone is fucking around with guns there’s rdm admin abuse and it’s just a shit community they only get players because people like to fuck around or minge cuz they know they can’t get caught cuz of the shitty admins lol.

Oh god, I remember this server. First time I joined I was RDM’d by several aimbotters, and many people were just prop blocking/killing.

was prolly me hehehehee