Very Strange Glitch

The toolgun has no crosshair. Let me explain further.

Sandbox works just fine. But when I try to use Spacebuild2, that’s when things go nuts.

First, it complains about a “stack overflow” and the player spawn failing. This happens when I die/kill myself too. So basically I spawn without weapons. Okay, I use console commands to give me the tools I need. But when I get the toolgun, it has no crosshair. It’s incredibly weird, why would it do this?

I have the latest update of Gmod. The addons I have are: LS2, RD2, LS2 addons (Gas Systems, Oilmod), Stargatemod, SG-mod, Gcombat '08, GCX, PHX3, SB2, SBMP, and of course Wiremod.

Reinstall Gmod; Remove some addons

Nevermind, this is now irrelevant since I’ve upgraded to SB3.