Very strange raid , cheater???

This morning i got raided very strangly !!!

  1. Somehow they build out of my house with everywhere building privilege!
  2. there was nowhere dmg to my building , not a single dmg , not a missing door , not a misssing wall
  3. Only missing from my house is my big box with all my loot ! its very strange
  4. Was it cheater?? He could know where my box is destroy the only wall and then make a new one???
  5. Maybe he was lucky and found my door passwords?
  6. What is the solution for that on cheaters?? Maybe build in the middle of the base???
  7. Maybe he c4 the outside base cupboard , autorized and then he repaired everything?? Its sounds stupid to me…

Its very strange that the only missing staff from my house is the chest with my items in it!

Thnx for any answer-advice

  1. Maybe he c4 the outside base cupboard , authorized and then he repaired everything?? Its sounds stupid to me…

I used to replace the outer walls when I raided so that the victims base wasn’t completely exposed and when they logged on they wouldn’t have to worry about nakeds walking around in their home. When I saw that most people thought it was hackers I stopped but I know quite a few people that do put everything back as it was primarily so you don’t figure out how they got in. A lot of bases have weaknesses and its best that your victims don’t figure out where theirs are. Its like removing ladders (when they were still awesome) so people didn’t know that you were coming in their open windows or through their unfinished ceilings.

All I am really saying is that the chances it was a legitimate player that did this may be higher than you think.

When I raid I too replace outer walls to confuse the person I raided. Sometimes I gain access to an outside tool cupboard which grants me access to say a section of their outer wall. I auth on the cupboard, replace rapir the structure it is in and then walk into their base by building a thatch platform, scout the inner area, decide on a plan, leave and destroy my platform.

The owner has no idea I was there and then I raid him later when I am prepaired. When done I replace his walls and leave like nothing happened. I don’t even kill any sleepers I find.

It’s all part of the fun.

When I raid, I replace said C4’ed wall with a codelocked door, destroy their sleeping bags / beds and block all other access points.

I like free bases.

I almost always fix the bases I break into. There are lots of reasons why. Could be I want to hide the way I got in so I can do it again later. Could be that I want to take the base over myself.

If nothing else, I just want the house to look like a viable raid target for someone else (the resources they spend breaking into an already looted base is just that much less they’ll have to use against me).