VERY Strange server problem! Please help me! ~Advanced~

Hello everyone.
I am running a GMod server on my server rack, and I have a small problem with the FastDL.
I have a FastDL host, and it is correctly set up from what feedback I have gotten. If you want to look at the structure, you can see here. For some reason,
the FastDL just doesn’t work, and players are stuck downloading TDM Cars entirely. One thing I do know is that I do not have a ‘resource.addfile’ file that
so many people have been referring to. THIS MAY BE THE PROBLEM!

If anyone can shed some light on this I would be very thankful.

EDIT: Yes, it is the resource.addfile. Does anyone have one I can use for TDMCars? If so, please explain how and where to place it! I am very simple-minded!

Thank you very much.

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Would appriciate a response, guys.

First off the link to your fast dl is broken. I would also like to note that you shouldn’t force players to download large addons but instead tell them that your servers needs it and point them to the original content.
If your fast dl isn’t working but it’s set up right, it might be your gmod server. can you post your server.cfg?