Vestige is a WIP remake of Zombie Master in Garry’s Mod. Created by


Information: We have full permission to recreate Zombie Master in Garry’s Mod, however we were asked to use a different name, which we were more than happy to do. Vestige is a synonym for “survive”.


We have included different custom weapons, including a Road Flare, Molotov Cocktail, Rusty pipe, etc.
We intended to keep the game play similar however create the game in our own direction.

Tomorrow evening (6pm-ish Eastern Time) we plan on opening our server to allow people to join and help us test out the game, and give us some ideas. All content required is on the servers FastDL. We are using the same maps from Zombie Master and if we choose to release our code we will not be including the maps unless we receive permission from the maps creator, we do have permission from several mappers to do so regardless.

This is far different from our original Zombie Master remake that we made a thread for several months back, which is why I’ve decided to take this to a new thread.

If you don’t understand what Zombie Master is, basically there are a bunch of survivors and one player is picked to be the Zombie Master, the Zombie Masters objective is to kill the survivors before they complete their objectives. The master must use his resources of zombies and traps to attempt to kill all survivors. The survivors must complete all listed objectives without dying.

Ideas we plan to integrate:
[li]More weapons & weapon upgrades[/li][li]More custom melee weapons[/li][li]Specialty weapons (incendiaries, etc.)[/li][li]Spectators being able to control weaker zombies[/li][li]The Master having upgrades for individual zombies[/li][li]More zombie classes[/li][/ul]

Game Team:
[li]Chewgum - Lua Coder[/li][li]KevinCon(Nivek) - Texture Artist / Statistics Database / Web Development[/li][li]Naelstrom - Model Artist[/li][/ul]

We’re doing our best to get the server ready before Halloween so we can all have some fun playing this game. Please help out by posting some constructive criticism.

I’ll tell you guys the IP tomorrow when it’s ready, we hope to have some good fun testing it out!

We have opened the server!

Content Pack

Server IP

Wanna know how many zombies are getting slayed?


I like Zombie Master, but something about it just threw me off from it. Not sure what.

This looks promising though. Best of luck to ya’ll. :buddy:

Wait, so this is like a Left 4 Dead gamemode kind of? Looks a lot like redead.

One player spawns zombies and controls them, the others run from and/or kill said zombies. That’s the game in a nutshell.

Love it

I like the hud!

Thanks guys! We do appreciate the positive feedback. Hopefully we can get the server full tonight.

One random player spawns as ‘Zombie Master’ which spawns zombies and activates traps etc to try and kill the survivors and win.

The rest are survivors which do map set objectives to win.

Also, this is the first gamemode we’re releasing, if you’d like to join the community, because we are working on around 4 other big gamemodes for it, a good choice would be to join the server tonight.

Look good and fun can’t wait to try it.

Much like Chewgum said, we have a large online community system and forums created 100% by myself over the past year. You’ll be pretty enthused by the quality of our online content and minigames. The only way to get an account to our website would be by joining the server tonight. We hope to have some fun and hope you guys enjoy our hard work!

We’re ready to open the server now, the game is still in beta so please be nice if you encounter bugs. You can download the content by connecting to the server (FastDL), but if you don’t wanna wait just get the content pack from the link below.

Content Pack

Server IP

You are prompted to register for the site when you connect, please read the info that pops up.

We hope to have some of you guys come play!

Lets go

Whats the forum website name?

You can only access the forums after you have connected to the server and registered.

Why is that?

We want our forums to be exclusive to our users, and it can give us more regulation control, so if you fuck around on our forums we can globally ban you from the site / servers. Plus we use that network to interconnect statistics and money. It actually makes for a better community cause we have global data.

Oh hell yes. I loved zombie master, here’s hoping you guys can get the balance right and really expand on the base! Any plans of releasing it to fretta?

So far no, but it’s a possibility.

Took me a while to realise you wiped the site for the launch I was trying to login for like 10minutes haha.

You should include the maps in the content pack.