Veteran Ranger model (Fallout New Vegas)- payment included

Yeah, I know it has been requested for many times, but eventually every thread ends up with no models.
Here’s a pic of a veteran ranger (Though I’m sure that most of you already know what I’m talking about):

  • I’ll pay 3$ for the model.

Your wrong, someone is working on it already. its been posted in all those threads requesting it.

“Someone”'s name?

Corra ashu, he’s working on this and the power armored guys atleast, be patient, stuff like this takes awhile, people have jobs and school to worry about.

Cant wait for it to be released too.

HA!!! someones doing this. You’d get your ass ripped off!

$3? just for the model maybe but to port the model? it takes more than an hour, no one would do it. amateurs wouldnt do it for $20. but if someone actually did it for $3 id say its a steal! your lucky someones already working on it.

Taking money for someone else’s work is dumb