"VeX" hacking - screenshot supplied

If I should be posting this elsewhere, let me know. This guy was running outside my 1x1, and I know theres a hack around for looting through walls. Here’s a screenshot of that. I cranked up the gamma to see better, and the bluriness on the bottom right is a steam notification that you don’t need to see! His steam account is Kyle Bruhz. Allllso a friend killed him because his aimbot (presumably) flipped out with our pillar farm and he had 250 stacks of random stuff (low grade metal, ammo, etc.).

(User was banned for this post ("read the sticky, use the hackers report thread" - postal))

You’ve got it boys, remove the filth!

What’s wrong with the screenshot? Did you run it through instagram first or something?

He said he put his Gamma up first =P

Yes it’s a large crate taking a selfie.

oops, I didn’t see that part. My bad.

This proves nothing you know , it’s just a guy with the name VeX using a box… How do you prove he using it from the outside? How is the guy named vex the guy linked to the steam account?

Maybe if you play a community server they will buy this , but there is no way this guy is getting banned


Skynet is finally taking over

Lol sorry, that’s the unique steam id that can’t change and it’s what you add to the ban.txt file on a server. As a server owner it’s really annoying finding old posts with just steam nicknames that have changed so I just pasted that in so it’s saved.