vg cats skins

hey can someone make the vgcats characters like leo and aries just skins ill hex the models so theres not much work on your end at least i think so since ive never skined befor i tried and failed so pls just make the skins
oh heres a link to the comic that shows the two character i want to be made i know theres a third but i just want the cats ok

ok i thought id get something by now

ya just as i thought noones going to help me man poeple would like this stuff to

ok can a mod or admin lock this becaue noones seeing it

I think it would be interesting to see this occur.

well your one of they few on facepunch

don’t lose hope, for some reason, it seems that it takes ages for people to actually post something about my screenshots in the screenshots thread.

If i knew how to skin i would. As i want the aeris and leo skins.

Don’t loose your hope, and don’t bump every two hours

This seems like a note-worthy project, now if only there were some wiling skinners. =/

It would be awesome but which character would be skinned?
It would only work if the bodies matched up

hmmmm well you could take the sonic or mario radgdolls and skin aries and leo on them then ill hex them or tey im still learning

That would be possible but still, it would take some editing of the actual model to make it look decent enough to pass for one of the characters

Also, I’m not a modeller or skinner or anything, just a guy who offers criticism XD

I eagerly anticipate this. I have plans for a comic series that includes these characters.

heh, every thread that crazycabsose makes ends up in a shitstorm, A+ Idea and Thread

i think it’s a great idea! i’m getting GMod this week!

If you want a skin, find the model you want skinned for it. I could do a skin but I am not gonna search all over to find a model for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe i like that it ends up like this

ok let me get the sonic or mario model ill post the link here soon

I don’t think that’s going to work. You need a custom model it you want this to come out right