[VGC] Serious RP Server (Need Admins)

VGC Now has A Garrysmod server. The server is running darkrp with custom shipments and jobs. Everyone spawns with the climb swep (made by zoey) and the simple mantle mod. (also by zoey) The server is on the map “rp_downtown_v4c” You can get it at “http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=96141

We Really need admins Add Bigalbroski on steam for more info.


darkrp =/= serious

What other mods would be so much better Darkrp is fine if you have good admins and no minges admins kick minges no problem admins abuse then they lose admin and week ban.

I sense epic dm.

Addidng “Serious” to the name doesn’t make it sound decent…

Nothing Special.

Nothing special, and i bet you are selling the admin rank i’m right?

They are not selling the admin positions.

Well thats allways nice to hear.

yes it is.

Meh, DarkRP is all the same. I want a nice server with not lag I can play on.

it depends where you live for the lag, UK people get alot of lag when the servers is in the us,

Nope, i can play on american servers just fine (All the way from Norway).

Unless the server is some cheap shit.



Exactly what I wanted to post :saddowns:

Silly BigAlBroSki, no-one agrees with you but yourself.

List of failure:
The gamemode is sandbox
You can not spawn props
The map is on flatgrass
Do not spawn with any sweps

Edit: Go ahead and rate it dumb, i am just stating the truth.

I actually voted you agree becurse, i’m agreed with you.
I bet i’m getting dumb votes now.