VGUI changes needed

I’ve never really been good with VGUI and recently have come across a few issues I would I’ve to address. This isn’t a request of “fix my work and I give owber wrank on may server.” I just want a explanation if a few things where I can ask questions and create examples with people.

If you don’t mind sparing some time add me on

I don’t see the questions you want answered.

Just a few general basic VGUI features and rules

Ask them here instead.

As I said it is something that needs to be done over a live conversation. It’s not a “how to do this” thing.

Then why don’t you at least describe what you actually want help with so people don’t randomly go and befriend you on steam without a clue of how to help you. That way, people won’t add you and then have no idea how to help you, and those that do know will be prepared to help. It saves time for both you and us.

You’ll get way more help here because to be honest no one is going to add you.

Some one actually added me in the first 5 minutes. I just wanted to keep this thread going just encase he decided not to help. I actually learnt quite a lot from him already.