VGUI/ Coding Help

Hey Guys,
im making a new gamemode with cars, npcs and so on
i need some help with some stuff eg. POS on the vguis, etc
can you please add me on steam: bradmcco
and i will give you my team veiwer details.


Please Help Me! Im Stuck!

If you’re stuck, maybe you should say what you’re stuck on.

Most Facepunchers won’t respond to “please do all the stuff for me” or something like that.

What is it about vgui that confuses you?

About setting the pos and sizes

Do you mean this?

Or this?

I mean I don’t know how judge the sizes and set the pos

…Then either of these?

Do you mean this?

Or this?



Can i just have some over all help please?
add me on steam if you can help me
steam addy: bradmcco

Why don’t you tell us here so the whole forum can help you. I for one don’t want to add some random person just to help them.

i am making a gun dealer snpc.
i need help with some pos settings.
also i want to make it but dont got a clue so if you click one button it brings up 2 new buttons and closes the other buttons
Hey hows it going (Good , Bad)
if good is clicked it then says (how can i help you, just looking)
and if how can i help you is clicked it opens a gun menu thing etc
and The Hey Hows it going is text up the top


Can someone add me on steam its to hard to explain i got the first bit down now just need help with the second its easier to talk on mic.
steam: bradmcco

Use Derma.

You may want to try out the Basic Lua and VGUI tutorials first…