VGUI Controls(Advanced Derma)

While working on a gamemode, I now got to the point where I would hope to create nice looking menus even though I absolutely hate derma. Anyhow what I’m wondering is I’m sort of trying to make a buy menu and I want to categorize different things in the buy menu in tabs. Now I know that is something that a DPropertySheet would be used for, but I don’t want those default derma tabs. Could someone just direct me in the right path of what to do as I have always tried to avoid derma as much as possible in the past and now I really need to use it. Thanks a lot!

You can always use DButtons that set Panel full of content visible and makes the rest of panels at the same position invisible.
You can also script own tabs or use DTabs

I thought I’d provide a small example of what you could do with this:

The left hand side are buttons, and the panels go visible/invisible depending on what button you press.

Super simple stuff, with easy customization.

fcking nice man