VGui Errors: Drop down menus aren't working ins "Gamemode Options" Dialog

So yeah.
I just updated Garry’s Mod today, tried to play a new gamemode, but when I tried to set the gamemode through the drop down menu, it did nothing and put out an error in console.
It looks like this:

The only changes I’ve made to GMod were gamemode additions.
I added a TF2 Gamemode and Garryware. (both were SVN)
Addon List:**
Daft Punk Player Models
Dead Ringer SWEP
Helicopter Entity
Clientside Achievements
HL2 Beta Weapons Pack
KCGEORGE’S Rifle Pack 2
l4dhunter SWEP
Strider Button
TF2 Hats

Computer Specs:
Pentium 4 Processor
ATI Radeon 9200 Series
Windows XP Service Pack 3

For the record, I confirm this bug on a fresh install as well.

It might be the new update or something…

Actually, I think somebody said it’s fixed in the Beta SVN, so it should roll out sooner or later.

Beta SVN? You mean you can get the GMod Beta through an SVN?


Isn’t there some way to load gamemodes without using the dropdown menu and just type the name into the box?


Try sv_defaultgamemode <gamemode> and changegamemode <map> <gamemode> etc.

Thanks a bunch. Now I can play Garryware. =u=

I put in the gamemode name

I have the same problem, i have same specs but an fx5500 [the fx5500 and 9200 are very similair cards]

Well, Garry’s already rolled out the update, so it’s fixed.
No worries.

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