Vgui help

Time to make some VGUI elements right, so far I have either this or I know they’re not really great looking but here’s my question. I’m trying to make the text Texting stuff show on first plan, with the roundedbox in the background, I want all of the VGUI elements to have a decent amount of visibility but the text always being really easy to read therefore not getting hidden by the rounded box, I don’t know if you get what I mean, but I hope you do!

So, you are asking about drawing order? In this case, everything that is lower in code is drawn above what is before.


If you want your text to be easier to read, use draw.DrawTextOutlined

I don’t know if it would be really draw order, I just want the text to be first plan as the roundedbox is background so the text can be easily seen even if I set the box alpha pretty high. I’ll try both of you guys solutions

EDIT: Welp, thanks RobotBoy, that was quite simple. Should have thought about drawing text after drawing the box. Solved :smiley: