VGUI Issue/mis understanding?

Well here I go… I really don’t come here to ask for help alot, but VGUI just get to me. I’ve been updating/porting a very old RTS gamemode and such to develope and make alot better to release to the public. I’ve got everything done expect the vgui, it works completely in listen, but on the dedicated server it half works. Some things don’t show; Some do for example my vgui.lua I have some tool-tips in there and they show up, but the f1-f14 derma menu’s in their does not. Not even my other Clietnside files work.

I just feel like a rts gamemode is necessary, I havent seen a released working rts gamemode yet I may be mistaken. Anyway lets get back to the point, can anyone help me figure out what I’m doing wrong?

Can you post some example code?

-snip–snip- Heres my whole vgui.lua

Yes its junkempires, I plan to recode it slowly. So far I’ve managed to fix everything and add a few more features. Hence going to do nextbot soon, and adding building menus/ building+troop hp bars + Small owner bar, and more <3.

Also, How i’ve been saying part of the lua file works, is because some of the guns still use their tooltip’s from the file.

your cl files

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the f1-f14 derma menu’s

Done :slight_smile:
Sorry. The first one was not the whole script, somehow I only posted part of it sorry. – This one is the full vgui.lua file.

Bump. Sorry if im not allowed to do this.