VGUI Loading Screen Request

Before you flaming troll’s say, “Wrong Section”, figure out that a loading screen is a Lua VGUI. Thanks.

Firstly, I am requesting a loading screen, similar to this one.

Ignore that it’s an aimbot video. When he load’s up gm_construct he has a blackish loading screen with gray text, and I thought that was pretty cool.
So anyway, there you go.

Love and always, Karma.


Bump - Any Info?



I think thats just a texture hack? Im gonna check it out


Its not a texture hack, Still fully possible to do

Just make a black picture, turn it into a texture (VTFEdit) And get the loading background addon…

It’s that simple.

Im actually working on a addon that adds loading screen skins etc


Oh nice i got it working, i will upload something soon


Put this code in vgui/blackscreen.lua

GetLoadPanel().Paint = function()
	surface.SetDrawColor( 0, 0, 0, 255 )
	surface.DrawRect( 0, 0, ScrW(), ScrH() )

Well, the addon that you’re working on has already been made…

It hasent, it allowes advances skins and changing between them, also changing the gmod settings menu for setting loading screen, menu screen etc

What do you mean?
All you’re doing is changing it so that you can choose a picture that shows when loading a server, right?

If so: Isn’t that it?

Unless you’re doing something different.

:doh: You getting it toally wrong, that just adds a damn picture. in mine you will be able to have more than one skin and change ingame, also being able to change much more. Also being able to make whole custom menu skins etc. Like for example TF2 style loading: showing what map its loading

Well, you can only show what map its loading if you know what map is loading. Flatgrass and construct yes, but what about customs? It’s gonna go in the map and take a screenshot automatically? Or are you going to take pics of every map there is.

Whole custom menu skins???

Just do everything out of game.

Guy’s guy’s! All I asked for was a black loading screen, not any super custom menu screen.

I gave a good black loading screen to you some posts above

That didn’t work.


Unless I did it wrong, more instructions plox?


timer.Simple(1, function()
GetLoadPanel().Paint = function()
	surface.SetDrawColor( 0, 0, 0, 255 )
	surface.DrawRect( 0, 0, ScrW(), ScrH() )

try that

I don’t think that timer is available in menu environment. I could be wrong as I haven’t looked into it.

It is, but i forgot that the vgui stuff is loaded before the menu stuff. thats why a timer is needed


It is available, but it only runs when the menu is open. Hooks obviously, are the same (timer relies on a think hook)