Can you make a vgui menu and add items eg like this

DermaPanel:AddText(“Can I help you?”);

DermaPanel:AddOption(“No Get Lost…”);
How would i set it out if i did it that way?

[lua]Derma_Query( “Can I help you?”, “”, “No Get Lost…”, function() LocalPlayer( ):Remove( ) end )[/lua]

I no how to do a derma but i want to add diffrent options when you click a button.


With that there this is the eg on wiki
Derma_Query(“What’s your favorite drink?”, “Vote”,
“Cola”, function() RunConsoleCommand(“say”, “I voted Cola”) end,
“Fanta”, function() RunConsoleCommand(“say”, “I voted Fanta”) end,
“Sprite”, function() RunConsoleCommand(“say”, “I voted Sprite”) end,
“Other”, function() RunConsoleCommand(“say”, “I voted Other”) end)
Does it show as What’s your favorite drink and when you click it brings up a new one with Cola, Fanta ETC?

Also how can i add pics into a dpanel?


-Bumpz- Help?


You have to make the DFrame on your own. You can’t customize DQuery, it’s just a simple easy way for coders to get input from the player.

thats not going to help me when i need to make it like darklands/perp for a food dealer

then you will need to make your own system. It’s not particularly hard, I’m making my own system for a post office.

i got no clue how to do that


i no how to to dit so when you press a button it purchases food
i need to make a menu like this:
The drug dealer but with food


btw lexic can u unban me im so bored.


i have spent like 3 months banned

Well, we have an extensive wiki with all the derma functions you need documented.

Really? What’s the code?


That’s the thing about permanent bans. They go on for months and months and months.

can u give me a link for the wiki? like the pages that will help me

Anyone no about that?
no info on wiki?

That. Seriously, We aren’t here to baby sit you, Look on the wiki.

It is now fully documented.