VGUI Model Viewer Crash Question

Okay, to start off, I know that the VGUI Model Picker crashes sometimes if it loads certain models, but if you turn it off and turn on the folder model picker, it doesn’t crash.

So, I am getting tired of looking for hours on the folder view model picker for ONE certain model. So I switched back to the VGUI Model Viewer and it crashed as usual. And my question is WHY does it crash when loading certain models?

No one really does know why?

Which engine/game are you using? For me it only crashes on the magnusson device.

No. There is no known fix other than disabling the VGUI browser.

Episode 2


Yeah, I’ve read that all over the place :stuck_out_tongue: My question is why/how exactly does it crash. Not what’s the fix. Thanks though.

It’s unlikely anyone outside of valve is going to know that.
And assuming they did, you wouldn’t be able to fix it, because the model in question is part of the GCF.
Presumably, the editor is trying to access a bit of memory and not finding what it is expecting.

Wait, if the magnusson device is a problem in the model viewer, can’t you use gcf scape and remove the model? Can GCFScape even delete? I don’t know :slight_smile:

Your GCF would then be corrupt and you would have to redownload it before you could play ep2.