VGUI popup menus no longer work

vgui popup menus no longer showing up on several addons
Any idea what was changed in the update that could effect this. A handfull of addons that I use that rely on little vgui menus no longer open the menu. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would grateful.

I’m also running into this issue. Certain scripts run, but their menus are inaccessible. I was sifting through the patchnotes to see what, if anything, was changed but I found nothing. If there is something wrong (perhaps broken), I’m sure the upcoming hotfix will fix it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Unless it’s already been noted, I recommend making an issue on the garrysmod-issues github page.
Then again, could just be a change in how things are done, like the holo.Add change. Where if you used the old method of effect.holo.Add it would throw an error. Oddly enough, this VGUI bug throws no errors.

It is a problem with said addons, not the game.

It wasn’t a problem with “said addons” before you guys decided to change the code for the billionth time.

But yeah, now Deagle Logs isn’t working either. I’ve been trying to locate and apply the new lua changes to it, but I just can’t find what was changed. To add insult to injury, the creator of Dlogs looks like he abandoned it.

What specifically was changed that affects the way VGUI menus function?

Honestly just shut the fuck up. Complain to the shitty creators of your “custom” ScriptFodder scripts that he should have been preparing his addon for the upcoming update by using the dev branch of Gmod, he had almost a full year to do this too.

Rofl, take it easy there partner. If they had the common fucking courtesy of telling us what changes they made specifically, all would be flowers and rainbows. I’m looking through the changelog right now and can find anything but VGUI-related changes.

Also not every coder is always available every time Garry decides to update his game, and I think he should do a little thing called “testing” instead of breaking GMod while fucking around on Rust. Maybe you should offer some useful input instead of spewing words out of your ass, hmm?

Ok ye, maybe got a little angry up there for no reason lol. Still tho.

  1. Garry doesn’t work on gmod anymore
  2. The people behind gmod aren’t about to go and test every single addon in existence to see if their update is inconvenient for the creators of those addons
  3. You can’t really expect helpful information if you are being rude and honestly expecting too much.

Also, the addon you refereed to came out while this update was in the dev branch, so he clearly had the time to test it out before throwing it online for some quick money.

One last thing is (from a legal standpoint) the addon you are talking about is copyrighted, how exactly are we supposed to help you unless you give us the addon or code. Which would technically be illegal. Tell you to go complain to the creator of the addon is really the only thing we can do.

There weren’t anything VGUI related in the changelog because nothing VGUI related was changed in the game. The fact that they no longer work doesn’t mean we decided “fuck this addon, you can’t use VGUI anymore”.

There is this thing called “Dev Beta Branch”, which is available to every GMod player at all times. What it is exactly is the next update. Yes. You can right click on GMod in Steam at any time you like, go to Betas tab, select Dev branch, download the next version of the game, download the update, and then test all of your addons as long as you like. This feature was available for years. Now, don’t you tell me that developers don’t have time or are “not available” to test their addons, they could’ve done this at any time during the months since the previous update.

Sorry if I came off as rude, I didn’t intent to do so. I’m not expecting the GMod team to inspect every addon, that would be insane. I just think that they could be a bit more clear in what lua changes they made in the new update. Actually, what I find strange is that to my knowledge, every single lua change was documented except the modifications made to the way VGUI menus work.

I understand that the addon in question is copyrighted (and getting support for it is impossible now since it’s subscription has been cancelled by the author, but that’s beside the point), but since I’ve purchased the script, I’m allowed to modify it myself (as the license states). Instead of telling me to complain to the author of the addon or me giving you the addon illegally, we could discuss what changes were made and I could apply the changes to the addon myself.

Lastly, I was unaware that GMod can be updated without Garry’s consent, but whatever.

Well can someone figure out why deaglelogs vgui wont shop up anymore since the new update of gmod…

Deaglelogs is not being updated anymore so…

Any console server or client errors?

No errors at all deagle logs is giving no errors at all but when i try to open dlogs nothing happens

Running into the same issue. I guess the only thing you could do is contact Deagler, but then again, he doesn’t update dlogs anymore.

You’d start by posting the addon so we can actually test them.

It’s 404.

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Ok, I actually looked into the source code of the addon, and what do you know, as I said, it is a problem with the actual addon itself.

First of all, it will not load at all of you do not have ULX installed.
Secondly, it is misusing the NWVars a LOT, and since the major changes to these functions ( changes made them more STRICT ), the addon no longer works.

To fix it, you will need to replace

v:GetNetworkedInt( "UserGroup" )


v:GetNetworkedString( "UserGroup" )

In all files that use this function.

I found that setting the GetNetworkedstring wasnt enough.

the real propblem is the check its using for admins.

you need to replace

if table.HasValue(dLogs:getAdmins(),ply) then


if ply:IsAdmin() then

should be in 3 different files ( the chat and console command files in sv_commands ) and the canview file in sh_funcs.

another thing i changed was to get rid of the whole networkint all together and change the code from

local UG = ply:GetNetworkedInt( "UserGroup" )

to this

local UG = ply:GetUserGroup()

These changes seem to have worked and I can now use dlogs without a problem.

My DeagleLogs is also broken. I’m waiting for Deagler to come on. I have him added on Steam, but he has been off for a while. I’ll get back to you if he fixes it :smile: