Vhe model browser borked

The model viewing side is stretched all the way down so i cant filter.

All the way down what? Just resize it?

Cant, its beyond my res.

What about the top? Just lower it, move it up, lower it, move it up, ect until you can see the bottom?


Care to get a screenshot?

Cant, not on computer. Let me try to explain it. The 3d model viewer is dragged all the way down(the divider) which causes the model options and filter search bar to be lower then my res.

With the model browser window selected, ALT+SPACE > Move/Resize

But please provide a picture if it doesn’t work.

Its not the dam window its self, the 3d view inside the window, ya know the one with the white grid? Ya thr divider to separate that and the box with a buch of tabs is pulled clear down.

just get a screenshot, printscreen

Did you even read? Im not on a computer so even if i did there is no way for me to upload it.

How can you use hammer on anything else other than a computer?

He is currently not on his computer. Some people have lives…

Navigate to: sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin, and find “hammer.vdf”. Rename this file and open Hammer.

Omg thank you so much, i opened it in npp and there was a thing called 0_splitter and it was set at 13667