Viable map area will increase dramatically with vehicles

When i see the future of rust from within my own mind, i imagine the so called “wastelands” to become a viable location for a megafortress owned by perhaps a clan or entire gaming community. With the proper implementation of vehicles, large towns, or fortresses may become commonplace on the outskirts of where no resources can be found. Cars, trucks, or even flying aircraft would make transit viable from long distance, thus, eventually and emergently causing some inherent wars to form against far off fortresses. One instance, for example, would have a fortress housing 100’s of c4, and taking an equal amount to infiltrate. Long transit times, combined with never ending battle for resources would make for some interesting encounters.

A hypothetical solo gamer writes: “from my shack in hacker valley i often witness large convoys of 20-30 players roaming through the land, my shack, while known to them, does not serve as a target, i am usually entertained by the clashing of factions from my view atop the mountain, with many vehicles fighting in the open field.”

Think about the aftermath of the war tho, all those loo table bodies, rebuilding structures and stuff would be so fun!

MadMax style :slight_smile:

I always thought a game based on Waterworld would be pretty cool.