inspired by the music, so i made what i imagined
C&C commenting would be nice


hunt them down…one by one.

this needs a comic.

The music you chose was the exact kind of music I imagined when I saw the picture. Nice.

this is just fantastic!

That is a sexy looking background, is it a scenebuild or is it an actual map?

Oh god that song is sexy.

Perfect for the scene, too. Really compliments the badass 80s car movie vibe.

The angle is nothing special though, and the scene could be a bit more detailed. Other then that though this is great.

The lighting is perfect. This honestly doesn’t look like Gmod anymore.

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power gloves music is what inspired me

Faraon_ZzZ rated dumb

This is typical behavior for him , on most others post’s

No, that’s VICE, and it’s C++, not C#:

By the way, awesome screenshot, reminds about GTA IV.

In other news, grass is green

this is p. cool

but yeah map or scenebuild?

its a dystopia map, their maps are pretty good for posing

Music matches perfectly.