Vicious and Rybec's Annihilator Tank

A tank i’ve been putting together on the GGG servers with ACF2 in mind, the Annihilator Tank comes complete with incredibly robust Armor, 140mm Cannon, 30mm Auto Cannon, and the ability to hit 45 mph! I’m pretty proud of it, obviously, and thanks to Rybec, were currently working on filling it with E2 features, such as holographic targeting reticule, limiting the cannon and autgun from shooting at itself, and even countering the shift of center of gravity when the turret aims behind itself.

Enough talk, time for pics!

Booom, pewww

OOOOO. Nice Job. Works? Vid?

Ya those pictures are the latest i took of the suspension model. I just wanted to see if it could handle the weight at that speed. The next pics may have a video, if i’m not bothered to much by school the following week, seeing as it just started. But there will be more pics to come, seeing as we just got the turret aiming about.

It’s really weak… 2 50mm AC shots and it died.

That was before i fixed the armor… The new armor takes 2 200mm howitzer shots before it gets through.

As i said on sax’s, it’s awesome. But as said, it was also very weak. If you fixed that though, then great!

I accidentally managed to get it to shoot it’s own ammo with the machine gun…

Lemme put it this way, 2 large crates, and 2 medium crates of ammo exploded Violently, the entire tank was decimated, but the armor remained. So… good luck getting through it >.>;

What was that? Want me to eat it up? Sure thing. It’s on.

Holy shit, that’s awesome.

More people need to see this! This is an awesome tank! I’m likin’ the armor and the way you broke up the paint. Good job!

Lol, thanks, i was thinkin of like, Scorpian from halo, mix with a dash of Golaith from UT3… and maybe a hint of Death Race o.O