Vicious and Rybec's Dune Buggy

Whats this? Another contraption from Vii and Rybec? Well duh :stuck_out_tongue:

This time around i had my go at sculpting a chassis i found for a dune buggy.
After a proper suspension was put in place, and some minor edits, Rybec was interested in coming up with a rather simple, but effective form of traction control It doesn’t so much as keep the wheel from slipping, rather, it uses apply force to shunt the wheels to the ground, unless theres no ground beneath the car, then it doesn’t apply any force. From there, it applies torque depending on it’s current speed, and the incline of the ground beneath it. The buggy has been able to dominate some of the more realistic hills and cliffs of buttes, and i’m proud to say that together, we’ve built a contraption that likes to run around at 70 mph. Sometimes on a good day, if the duplicator is being nice, it’ll go even faster. I’ve caught this thing hitting 89 mph! All wheel powered =D


Then i went ahead and added ACF and some armor plating to the thing. Replaced the rear wheels for a smoother ride as well.

Bonus pic, My current work in progress:

Also, reasons you should move to the GGG Servers: Beautiful Views.

You can see the ropes and elastics, which makes it looks bad. You could have made an engine out of props too.

And the ggg servers are awesome.
I’d love to see a video by the way.

Ya i redid the suspension on the armored version below so it wasn’t so obvious, but i wanted to keep some stuff there, otherwise wheels would be magically attatched.
I edited the post… perhaps… More humerous? i dunno shrug

Who gives a shit about the ropes, I’m liking the frame and body!

No they don’t. Not in this case.

I like it, and I like the truck, but you’ll have to make the “fender” piece yourself, the phx part you used here is way too big.

I dunno, i think the front wheel might just be placed a little to far forward, but it looks very similar to the reference i was using.

But this thread is about the buggy >.>

So if you drive the buggy on a vertical hill it would stick to it?

It looses traction going up too high of a slope. It doesn’t climb that well, but it does manage to gather enough speed to shoot up the sides of the canyons pretty nice.

both look very nice, the buggy and the truck. Can someone supply me with the IP of the GGG servers?

Oops wrong thread