Vickers Machine-Gun Port (3D Modeled)

I’ve been building up my portfolio and to start off with it, I put together a 3D Vickers Machine-Gun Port prop. This model doesn’t have any textures, but it is currently a work in progress as a side project.

Here is the Link to the Sketchfab.



I’m making this post to get some constructive criticism on the model, it’s my very first and I’d like to know what y’all’ think of it. Be honest please, this is a career I’m trying to get. You can also find the sketchfab of the model on my website.

We have a lovely thread for posting your own 3d creations over here.

I feel like a pretty idiot, lol. My mistake.

Cool, for a WIP how far are you aiming to go with it? Like are you doing the full gun model behind the shield/ or are you just doing what’s visible from the outside only, as that is what it looks like from what you posted? Vickers isn’t the best subject to start on, but you can make it work if you keep researching and working on it, as well as being critical of your own work.

The visible parts are alright, but have some inaccuracy and minor smoothing issues.

Good references:

Muzzle references:
Muzzle issues:

  • the barrel and muzzle have a geometry gap allowing to see backfaces from the front perspective.
  • the muzzle has holes cut out around the entire circumference not just one side.
  • the muzzle holes are really ugly topology, did you boolean with High polygon shapes? I wouldn’t recommend using this technique until you’re more comfortable with modelling using basic tools.

The base cylinder I would start with depends on size of object/ how many holes I’ll be cutting out of it, how accurate the shape I’m cutting out of it needs to be. For a shape like the muzzle with #6 of the holes repeating I estimate how many cylinder sides I need to accurate capture one of the holes, then multiply by #6.

Water Jacket ref:
Water Jacket issues:

  • Front sight has wings on the bottom that curve along with the jacket radius. Same with the water plug ( that is totally missing on your model)

Personally if you’re just starting on making your own models I recommend following some tutorials just to get a hang of things.

Keep practicing/ improving your work as well as get feedback on ways you can improve from more people if you can.