Victim to a False Manual Ban

I decided to install client onto my computer because I read it was whitelisted by EAC and allowed on Rust. Reshader is just like nvidia filters and allows u to change the sharpness and vibrance of your game. It didnt work for my game and caused crashing so i uninstalled it. the next day i am playing a server and get a msg “GamePublisherBan.” Reshade client is the only way I couldve been banned as I didnt have a cheat client installed to any game at all or rust. I have over 6200 hours on my account. I believe I received a false manual ban from one of the staff members. Due to the msg displaying “GamePublisherBan”. If this ban is caused by Reshade client which is supposed to be whitelisted by the Anti Cheat which its the only reason I could be banned I would like this matter to be looked into. Im not asking for a unban just for this to be looked in further as I believe I am innocent and am a victim to a false flag ban.

My steam account^

so when did this happen?
i can’t really look into because i don’t own the game but i just want to know

This happened yesterday 5/10/22 close to midnight. I only did 2 things I messed with my game files in hopes of getting Reshader to work because it kept crashing my game. I’m guessing the mix of the Game file changing and Reshader flagged something in their system. I spoke to a dev in the Official Rust Discord Server and they stated that Reshader is indeed whitelisted by EAC and apparently if it did cause a ban my ban could be lifted. I am now waiting on my reply from EAC.

Things add up, the VAC ban was 0 days ago so you’re probably not a cheater. Sorry for the skepticism.

The vac was from 1934 days ago. Back in 2017 it’s just an EAC ban that I received last night. I am still waiting for a response from EAC and doubt they will ever respond.