"Victor 2 to base, Civil judgement has been administered." Cp looking at his handy work

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This is my first edited Screenshot so be nice and C&C is very welcome every thing is done by me even the smoke :D.

What im most proud of the the blood on the left of the center guy i think its the best!

Any way hope you like it!

Waits in the corner nervously

I like the smoke from the gun muzzle, but the blood on the right side seems to be a repeating pattern going down.

Yeah i need to fix that thanks!

Amazing job

Looks pretty good, but seems pretty empty with pasted on blood. Mab try to add some debris?

Ok thank ya :smiley:

This ain’t MW2, why the jelly.

Apart from that, It’s fine, the blood is a bit too bright and is to thick if you understand me.

Yeah i do I thought it was a bit thick, thanks for the C&C guys!

Pretty good. The blood is a little messy on the walls, but pretty good.

Thanks man :smiley: