Victoria is Hungry- Interactive

This is a prequel to my previous interactive comic, titled “Victoria is Jobless.”

This takes place 2 months before Victoria is Jobless and shows just exactly what happens when Victoria get’s hungry.

Don’t know how it works? Here’s some info:

You can’t say direct actions, such as pulling out a gun from her shirt and shooting the cop. First she needs to actually get a gun. In the first series of Victoria comics, a lot of people said “chainsaw the boss” and “flirt with the boss” when Victoria doesn’t even have a chainsaw or know where the boss is. So if you’re going to reply, and you want Victoria to do something, you have to actually build up to it, not just expect she has everything.

In future episodes, I plan to include better effects and some SDOF.

Run towards the window furthest from the cop, jump out and land on something soft.

How do you know if there’s something soft? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I need at least 3 options before I decide.

Use your super hungry powers to smash the cop’s face in.

Walk up to the cops and say (in a very stereotypical way) “OH NO YOU DI’INT!” Then kick them all down.

There’s only one cop, but I like this idea.


Guys, just because I found an idea I like doesn’t mean you can’t post better ones that I’ll favorite over the previous.

In other words, who gives a shit if I like something? Just keep saying shit.

Eat the cop and continue playing :3?

Nice idea.

But no fork. And that cop is storyline important. Highly.

Trust me.

I thought this was interactive. D:<
How can you say he is storyline important.
Oh well, jump from the window and land on the other police corpse making you not get much hurt. :3?

This is a prequel to Victoria is Jobless. And that same cop is in Victoria is Jobless.

And I decided to do a combination of a few suggestions.


Eat the metrocop then you won’t be hungry.

give up then tear the nexus a new ass.

If no one is going to be serious, I’ll just say fuck this and stop doing this. And I know there are some people that enjoy this.

Ask the cop if you can take the snack in his back pocket before you get arrested.


If he has a snack that is…

throw your shoe at him. (BOOM HEADSHOT)

Tell him it wasn’t you who killed the other cop but Rochelle.

Get flirty with the cop and pull a fast one on him. (By that I mean run and escape.)