Victory at Last

[sp]All in-game, scenebuild on Gm_Black.[/sp]

C&C appreciated!

Edit by Dusty:

Lighting is really, really bland, but it’s okay overall.

Edit: Where are the shadows? Oh, and the sky could’ve used some less pink, it looks a little flat.

Dat edit doe

I agree with prototype, lighting seems kinda bland

But it’s a good picture

Also where are those ships from?

The edit has way too much bloom, but is otherwise good.

Posing is absolutely great otherwise.

Thanks, ships are from a Halo Reach pack release both here on FP and on the Workshop.

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Thanks man :slight_smile:

Nice work, man. And hot damn, that’s a nice edit.

Great job,keep up Lighting very fitting, idea executed very well.

The sky doesn’t line up with the ground, it almost looks out of place, and as Bloo said, too much bloom. I would add another lamp for lighting and change the sky to a blueish color and edit some planet/cloud in or something.

Yeah where are the shadows that, as are consistently fucking mentioned, bug out at wide range on gm_black.

They don’t bug out, people are using the larger ground, which doesn’t have shadows. It’s really not that hard to get shadows working, they just need to use the smaller effect and not the large one.

Yeah, nah.
Following settings are depthres 8192 and texturefilter 0.1 on the smaller ground with a large lamp to light the full scene. Tell me again they dont bug out.

I heard you the first time here and on STEAM Prototype, there are shadows its just they’re really weak.
And i didn’t use the larger ground, trust me, you would’ve noticed.

the lighting seems too dim and bland. the scene is otherwise pretty good though.

Hmm, that’s odd. Mine seem to work unless I’m missing something. Also, I was talking about the edited sky, not the original. I tend to keep all of my lamps even for day lighting below 50 fov, I don’t know how much that’ll help, but it seemed to have helped for me. I do recall having very very few parts that were grainy like that as well, but editing them into non-grainy was pretty simple.