VIDE changing BSP Version?

Working on a CS:GO map… I deleted default cubemap shit with pakrat, loaded the game in CS:GO and built cubemaps. For the first time in my life cubemaps worked on the first try.

I save a copy of this .bsp with good cubemaps and then I open it in Pakrat. Pakrat fails when trying to pak all the textures. (I just have too damn many of them or something. Who knows.) So I open up VIDE and scan it, make sure everything is there, then save it. I go to run this new VIDE’d .bsp and well I get the stupid .bsp version error. bsp version 22, expecting 21

Did I screw up somewhere or is there something I need to do?

I don’t know if VIDE is setup for the cs:go version of the engine.

i use only use VIDE now and pretty much exclusively map for CS:GO so I can confirm that it works with it. i’d suggest just recompiling with a new name for the file and trying strictly with VIDE

When I originally went to delete the stupid bad cubemap crap I tried VIDE but it saved the map as version 22 even then. Pakrat was able to delete the bad cubemap stuff but it couldn’t pak the textures.

I ended up using Map Analyst (thank ze germans!) and got it to work that way, but Map Analyst is kinda quirky and I don’t expect it to work a couple months from now when the map is doubled in size and has twice as much custom crap to be put into it. Right now it’s only at 100MB. It’ll probably get to 250MB by the time it’s done.

Hahahahhahaha I just had this problem again today and was like “wtf?” and so I googled it and fucking here I am again. Looks like nobody knows why it does this. Map Analyst and Pakrat, still the best tools after all these years.

However I do want to point out, for all the other unfortunate saps who find themselves here, there’s a THW tutorial about setting it up to pak your shit at map compile. I haven’t tried this, but it looks plausible:

But it might cause issues with cubemaps after Valve Steam Pipe update. So if you wanna test it do it on a tiny map that doesn’t take forever to compile. I’ll test it myself eventually, but who knows how long it will be before I find myself back here again.