video as material / a videomaterial ?

hello everyone, this might be a newb question, i dont know, couldnt find anything about it…
im sure it has to be possible and in a simple way as well…

i d like to have a video play on a certain brush.

would be great if i could edit and define everything directly in hammer.

similar to:
but it has to be possible, to run videos from my pc

(the pc wont be connected to the internet, due to this, that its a theater project and i want do avoid gmod updates at the time of the presentation)

would be very happy if you could help me out with this!

Not possible without Lua. The closest you can get are animated textures, but making a VTF out of a whole video would take enormous amounts of space.

This is possible in portal 2 if you convert your video to a bik file and use the new entity

cheers to you both!

i ll check out if it works with the portal2 method!

Kind of requires a bit of programming, but you can also do this: