Video: Base Building 101 - Building a secure first base that's not easily raidable

I put together this video for people that want to learn how to build a secure first base, or for more casual players who don’t have time. A base like this can be put in up a reasonably short time frame without hours of farming.

hmm try to build house like this on amsterdam3 u will get raided and ur house will destroyed within a hour and if not, the decay will destroy the wood foundation in a day.

This is something you throw up quick for immediate (relative) safety on a more moderately populated server. I wouldn’t expect anything to last long on a really high pop server like official servers And I wouldn’t leave something like this very long before going completely armoured. This is basically the first steps to getting established.

Do you not need to upgrade your pillars? Thats what eats away my stone resource so much?

You don’t have to, but people will shoot them out and if your building gets too tall, parts could fall.

Thank you for the video crunchmeister. It’s a nice info for new starters. Talking for me alone, I don’t like the fact that you point out that destroying blocks is best while stairs suck (even if you are correct).

For me, I always try to design bases that are save without destroying/rebuilding anything before going to sleep. Because of that me and my buddies refuse to build on water or rocks :slight_smile: But that’s just us ^^.

better is if u just fill the base level with walls and upragde them and pilars asap to stone, and lifting up from outside with half bloks like at rock base. that give u a perfect protection against pickaxe raiders. and then after u upgarde to armored 7-10 c4 need to destroy ur house. but with jumptower ur house is still raidable.

Pillars SHOULD be upgraded to at least wood if you plan on building higher. That way, some dude coming by with a bow and arrow can’t shoot them out easily.

And this is vulnerable from raid towers as it’s so low to the ground. It’s hard to protect against jumpers unless you build very tall. And then. people will still tower and use the log off in mid-jump exploit to still get on your roof anyway. There are many ways you can improve on this build, but this will keep you reasonably safe from the opportunistic solo raiders who would come by and take down a wall with a pick axe. It’s a basic guideline. Safety is relative to the population on the server you play on.

A bit unrelated but i want to test something,can you fill the top room with blocks and then put in barricades on top of the blocks and then a could be a good defense if they damage or kill jumpers on the roof without jumpers expecting them to be there (usually they just throw c4 down to break the barricades,at least this way you can kill one and deprive him of his c4 if he has any)

I hate this elevator bases. This base-design make the people so lazy. You dont need think about the best lootroom design like in legacy. You can use this elevator glich and put all on the bottom.
The base design is not very good. Its possible to make much better cost/security bases in Rust. Its only math.