video.card and mobo suggestion?

I’m looking to upgrade my mobo and gpu since experimental is almost unplayable, even on lowest settings, and was curious as to what suggestions you guys would have? Chipset has to be LGA 1155 for my current processor

I think there is a section for building computers elsewhere in the forum.
You might be better off going there.

most modern gpu’s should be fine for rust GTX480/660 or newer (or ati equivalent).

CPU is where rust chokes alot in experimental, so put as much money into that as possible if youre looking to get the best performance in the unoptimized experimental build.

When updating the motherboard you will probably find you end up with updating yuor cpu and ram as well. is a good place to look at what to get.

Upgrading your mobo won’t really increase your performance. You either want to upgrade your mobo AND CPU or just focus on your GPU.

What CPU and GPU are you running currently? And how much RAM?

I have a generic mobo from a Dell xps 8300, nvidia GeForce gtx 560 ti, 8 gigs of ram and an i7 2600k cpu. I was thinking I’d need to upgrade mobo and gpu since I only have one pci e 2.0x16 but I was told I could still use a pci e 3.0 x16 card in that slot and have it perform fine

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Also thanks everyone foe the help and suggestions!

The cpu is still very strong, so just put your money into a new GPU. Cpu’s and ram only have a small effect on game performance (in most games). Have a look at tomshardware CPU hierarchy chart and you will see that your current cpu is still a top performer.

Awesome thank you so much! I’m looking at a zotac GeForce gtx 970 since the evga cards are out of stock. Think that card will let me play on medium plus settings?

I have a GTX 770 and play on the highest settings with no issues. The 970 is a bit better so you should be good. One thing to consider when upgrading your video card though, is to make sure your PSU has enough watts left to drive your new card !

the 970 and 980 are the hottest thing going right now. I have a friend that recently got the 980 and he has been very pleased with it. Most reviews Ive read state the 970 oc’ed a little will perform like a stock 980. The 970 seems to hit the sweet spot for price/performance according to everything Ive seen.

Regardless I think maddyn99 brings up the most important part of a gpu upgrade is making sure your current psu can handle it.

I have a dell 8100 close to your specs. I got a gtx 750 ti and play on high and get 80-100 fps. Upgraded from the ati hd 5770.

Well recently i am having drops down too 2 fps with a i7 and gtx770 on good setting, so god knows whats going on with the optimisation.

Though i have a huge base with infinite resources on an active server.

I’ll have to try a fresh server and see if it improves