Video card?

I was in an RP server and I was shooting some guns. When I shot the guns it was pretty laggy. Like shooting doors with the shotgun, a bunch of smoke comes out and lags. No, it wasn’t a smoke grenade. I told my friend about this and he says I need a better video card to fix the lag when shooting guns. Is my video card good enough already? It’s a NVIDIA GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 620i

So, does my video card need updating?

7050? I got this with a 7300. I’ve since upgraded to a 9800GT and had no problems like this. I do think it will help.

Could you give me a link to a good video card like yours?

Are you saying this because it’s a recent problem or just your first time running a source game?

Anyhow, in my openion You should get a new graphics, in my head on-board graphics cards are a no-no for any sort of gaming (my head might be wrong) and the 7050 isn’t a new one of such either.

To sum up: Yes you need a new graphics card as far as i can see, if you give me a max price i’d be happy to help you find one since i’m waiting for help myself

Well right now I have $50.00 could that get me a good one?

well, good might be stretching it a bit, but a** Radeon HD 4550** cost about 50$ and should suite your needs if you don’t play stuff like maxed crysis etc

I’m not sure if i’m allowed to link this so please don’t ban me? :slight_smile: (advertizements and all)

but here you go Ryd


Why thank you! And, how would I go about installing this? Would a professional have to come over my house and install it or what?

Well, first of all make sure your cabinet is relatively clean from dust etc. (for airflow since it’s passively cooled) then you take the plug out of the wall, no power to the computer at all.

After that you have to take of the little plate that the graphics card is going to stick out of (lower backend of your cabinet, there is a row of holes covered by metalplates, you need to remove one so that the card can stick out, it’s usually the top one) after that you simply plug it in, gently, there is only 1 place it can fit, which should be the top of the sockets next to the holes i mentioned before.

when that’s done, connect your monitor, reconnect power, boot up and install the drivers that came with the card and your good to go

Would I have to search for the drivers all over the internet, or do I plug in the video card, boot up and then it will say like: Installing new drivers
in the taskbar?

You should get a CD containing the drivers with the card, when you boot up for the first time you’ll be in a basic vga mode, so you can install the drivers etc.

In case there is no cd, you can get a driver at

Thanks so much dude!

No problem man, i hope it works out for ya :slight_smile: